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com 67 Locomotive Mechanical B K D E M 567E Engine Maintenance Manual This book not available separately Course Objective:The student should be able to effectively maintain the Model 8, 12 and 16-EMD-567E diesel engines through the descrip-WHY DIESELS SMOKE: Diesel car engines get smoky because of a few common reasons. Diesel fuel injectors are crucial engine components to the performance and smooth running of a diesel vehicle. Bosch genuine OE injectors provide superior performance and durability and are manufactured to original equipment specifications. DETROIT DIESEL 71 (Vehicle) FUEL INJECTOR TIMING 14. This is the biggest 8mm Hybrid that you can run on stock HPOP. RailwayEducationalBureau. toyota torque wrench setting for diesel injector - Toyota 2006 Land Cruiser questionAll common rail diesel injectors are not made the same. . Re-powering your sailboat with that marine diesel engine is an excellent decision, and now you do not have to wait for windy weather to enjoy your boat. CODE REFERENCES Spare parts which make part of “STAR” exclusive, though they are not genuine they are interchangeable with genuine ones. TT00006 N3 Injector Tube Installation For 60 Series Detroit Diesel Engines S. Most likely it's the former. Secure shopping! Often if the pressure is set beyond 340bar on the primary a pinging sound is associated with the shockwave that forms in the fuel stream as the wave travels to the injector and fails to disipate by virtue of a pressure drop from injection of the fuel. 5 – 2012 6. Our injectors are hand built by skilled technicians to give you many years of worry free performance. Try SW5 and see if you like it. A camshaft is a long bar with egg-shaped eccentric lobes, one lobe for each valve and fuel injector. I ensure a good coating of copper grease on straight injectors before fitting. Understanding how MegaSquirt controls the fuel injectors will help you to assemble, test, and tune your MegaSquirt for best performance. 5Ltr 4D56 Triton (pre common rail) Get $285 back when you return your cores for refund* Vehicle: Mitsubishi 4D56 2. 5 mm, so they can be used on other diesel injectors besides Mercedes that use the old mechanical fuel injectors for indirect injection. Then in 1892 Rudolf Diesel obtained a patent and was able to improve the engine further subsequently giving him credit for the innovation. Injector Set (+50hp), ’04. The bow of that 35-foot sailboat breaks the placid water even when the wind is not cooperating. www. Unlimited Diesel Performance build High Quality Remanufactured Fuel Injectors for the Ford 7. From a time and labor standpoint it usually makes sense to replace the 6. Scheid Diesel offers a wide variety of Dodge Cummins injectors. 03-04 Dodge 5. 279 mm) feeler gage is used for intake valves. Exergy 70-100% Over Injectors: Injectors with a 70-100% increase are great for those running larger single turbo or compound turbocharger applications. This page is for those of you who own or work on the older Ford/Navistar diesel engines. Like all recipies I recommend reading the instructions from At United Tuning we offer ECU remapping and Viezu tuning and car remapping from our base in Shrewsbury. International, Inc. Information on setting the injector nozzle pressure settings for a Perkins 3A. You can get the injectors tested at a diesel shop for a small amount (mine were done for free). This adds about 20 hp according to people who have done it. 0L injectors and symptoms of injector failure, please visit our information page here. Early internal combusition locomotives and railcars used kerosene and gasoline as their fuel. Adjust the valves and set the fuel injector heights as follows: 1. hilux surf prado 1kz-te diesel fuel injector set. Diesel injectors are more involved. I would estimate that about 85% of injectors fail due to fuel related issues and the balance due to design problems. Your problem could be bad injectors or just timing chain wear. From performance remapping to economy tuning we offer a …Note that weather reports usually report the barometric pressure 'corrected' to read as if 101. Bosch is the world’s leading supplier of diesel fuel injection systems and is standard equipment on many diesel engines today. Genuine OE Injectors . Smoke analysis White smoke: Caused by unburned fuel passing through the engine. Verification of Repair for Improper Injector Setting. In the process, an injector to be set is provided in the correct position in a measurement and setting station and is coupled to a pressure generating device. Stage 3 Injectors, or Hybrid injectors as they are sometimes called, will have larger and brand new plunger and barrels. 0L is the Genuine Motorcraft Injector. Full 24 month warranty on all diesel injectors. 6L LLY, Dynomite Diesel #DDP LLY-50. Prices subject to change. 032 in. Injector Nozzle Set - Dodge 5. Adjust the fuel injector height for the engine models in parentheses by placing the small end of the height gage in the hole provided in the fuel injector body. Quality Diesel truck parts . 9/7. The intake rocker arm is the shorter of the two. 0 0 B K 6 4 5 E 3 EMD 645E3 Tu r b o ch a rged Engine Maintenance ManualWHY DIESELS SMOKE: Car engines get smoky for many reasons. The accelerator linkage basically changes the minimum governed engine speed (RPM). Unbalanced injectors (meaning release pressures are not set within 50 psi of each other) can lead to rough idle, poor acceleration, and excessive injector knock. Industrial Injection specializes in diesel fuel injectors, fuel pumps, high-performance diesel engines, and the most competitive line of diesel turbos in the market. Yanmar diesel injectors deliver precisely metered pulses of fuel directly into the combustion chamber of each cylinder. Thoroughbred Diesel offers OEM and diesel stock parts for your diesel pickup truck. For your convenience, you can access our inventory through the product links listed below. What is the correct process for setting the injector pump timing on an electronic pump? Neither. 36mm socket needed to do this I used the . Duramax 04. Install the fuel injector(s) into the engine. Buy online or call us at 855. This can be successfully completed on all makes and types of diesel injectors. Any use, including the reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, republication, display, or performance, of the content on this site is strictly prohibited. The Merlin S300-1 is a single unit designed to test both electro-hydraulic and piezo type injectors. The role of diesel generator injector is to improve the pressure of diesel oil, and according to the requirements of the working cycle of diesel generator set, the diesel fuel is supplied to the Diesel and Gas Fuel Injectors, Pumps, EGR, and MoreThe injectors in your diesel engine deliver the fuel to the cylinders from the fuel pump. To learn more about 6. For the owner-operator who loves horsepower do not give up when you speak to the negative mechanic. . Injector Dynamics set the standard, and continues to raise the bar with innovative products, extensive engineering expertise, and constant product improvement. 2 litre diesel and its starting to lag a fair bit on the hills and blowing a bit of black smoke. Lots of blue smoke indicates either unburned diesel fuel or if it's thick blue smoke it's oil getting into the combustion chamber. Various adaptors make the set suitable for most diesel injectors. 026, i've done all this no pr … The 6. FYI, the electronic diesels use the Stanadyne DS4, and the fuel rate is calibrated by the computer, not a screw. As I've fitted a set of race nozzles. Refer to the General Specifications at the front of the After setting the injector on a given cylinder, set the valves on the same cylinder. The VP44 injection pumps come with a 1yr unlimited mileage warranty. diesel fuel injector set navara td27 d21 2. Customer must return core within 45 days; core must be taken from engine. Diesel engines work by compressing only the air. If you are looking for a moderate upgrade with the potential to make great power with minimal smoke, then these are the way to go. A properly reshaped injector shield will only touch the nozzle in the middle. You can either remove the injectors from the engine for a thorough hands on cleaning or you can use a specific cleaning kit that attaches to the injectors and the fuel system, and uses pressurized cleaning solvents to clean the entire injector system. Now the fun part– getting the injectors out of the head. HOW TO BUILD A HIGH-PERFORMANCE CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE This is a very controversial subject and 99% of the mechanics who build diesel engines will disagree with what we have to say and will probably refuse to build the engine for you. Note* If you do knot like my methods, relax, I am not a diesel shop working on other people's Im setting the overhead on a 1999 series 60 detroit diesel, according to the valve cover the injector sets at 80. Cummins Injectors> Cummins M11 Injectors> Cummins M11 Fuel Injector> Cummins Fuel Injectors> Cummins Fuel Injector> Cummins Injector Set > REMAN INJECTORS CUMMINS M11 FUEL INJECTORS All of Internet Diesel and Diesel Machine Works Injector sets are sold with six injectors at a price of $224. Listen for misfiring cylinder. If you unsure or just want some free advice on your pump you can reach them at (866) 737-4966. Mark the rockers of the set valves and injector with a white pen to keep tabs on what you've done. Poor fuel quality and general wear and tear are not the only cause of injector failure, the newer type of injectors sometimes fail due to design problems. Find great deals on eBay for Marine Diesel Engine in Complete Diesel Engines. Take a screw driver at the injector rocker on the pushrod end of the rocker and see how much play up and down you have in the yolk that connects the injector pushrod to the rocker. The 6. Our selection of aftermarket and remanufactured injectors is covered by a 12-month warranty, with popular models guaranteed in stock. 5-02 24v Injector SET: 75 RWHP improvement. They are capable of up to five injection events per cycle and run up to 26,500 PSI. Injection lines blocked/restricted Drill to nominal I. com Ricky's Custom Dash mounts & Pods injectors used to cost nearly £300 each but have come down a lot and are now £125 ish for a reconditioned unit; that is a bosh recon, i would not advise using one recon`d by yer local diesel injection specialists, they are way too fragile and a whole different ball game from the mechanical injectors of old. So if a gasoline engine is rich, say 12. Find Ford Powerstroke, Dodge Cummins, or GM Duramax injector parts. Only re-buildable mechanical diesel fuel injectors shall be sent to the Seller; broken barbed fittings, cross-threaded ports, cracked halves, or other issues render any mechanical diesel fuel injector unfit for service. Using new O-rings, lubricate them in diesel fuel and install them onto the fuel injector(s). We still have some stock of pre-common rail pumps and injectors, and if we don’t have it in stock, we are likely to be able to obtain it for you. All of the injectors can be timed in firing order sequence during one full revolution of the crankshaft. Identifying the smoky colours, often black or white smoke, can help you diagnose the cause of the problem. , Ltd on gasgoo. I've had good luck adding Power Service diesel fuel additive to fuel when starting dormant engines. At United Tuning we offer ECU remapping and Viezu tuning and car remapping from our base in Shrewsbury. 3 kPa was the 'normal' for your elevation. delivered by the diesel engine and absorbed by the dynamometer is the product of torque and angular speed. The diesel engine (also known as a compression-ignition or CI engine), named after Rudolf Diesel, is an internal combustion engine in which ignition of the fuel, which is injected into the combustion chamber, is caused by the elevated temperature of the air in the cylinder due to the mechanical compression (adiabatic compression). Fuel injectors for Cummins NT 855 (Big Cam/Small Cam), NH220, and NH250 diesel engines. How to clean fuel injectors? First off, there are a few different choices. Shop our comprehensive selection of diesel injectors at competitive prices. Adding Stanadyne's All Season Diesel Fuel Conditioner may cure this problem, but if it persists, or if there is no cold advance, replace the injection pump. Delphi injectors have different format of calibration numbers than Bosch injectors: Now reinstall the injectors and see if it runs. D. Shop our stock of 6. Planning on replacing power steering filter, loader hydro filter, change fuel pump oil, service brakes, adjusting throttle linkage, setting valve lash, and clean injectors. 1L, 12. NEW Fine Thread Injector Set for 1982-1988 GM 6. Dodge 98. Maximum size injector recommended for stock turbo. Diesel truck parts supplier of fuel injection pumps, fuel injectors, diesel performance parts, turbochargers, and diesel parts for Dodge Cummins, Ford Powerstroke, Chevy Duramax, GM Duramax, VW TDI, heavy duty, marine, and agricultural diesel engines. •Tighten all injector lines •install injector line clamps •install pcv hose •install injector wiring harness and secure with (2) 10mm bolts 1HZ injectors Unread post by uwishuhadalandy » November 15th, 2007, 9:52 am Hi, Iv'e got a 4. 6. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended. Rotate the engine to the next timing mark and set the appropriate valves and injector, proceed until all valves and injectors are set. Really, the performance requirements of the new common-rail diesel injectors absolutely blow away any conventional distributor injection pump diesel fuel systems. You will find it easy to not only find the right injector for your Detroit Diesel 353 but also find other fuel injection components such as injector tube,injector service kit,injector fuel line to name a few. Setting the ConstantsInDirect Injected Diesel Page 6. 9L Dodge Cummins 12 Valve Upgrade your 12 valve's performance with a set of Dynomite Diesel performance injectors. Hypermax Engineering is America's leading OEM for diesel engine performance parts and diesel engine performance accessories for Ford F-Series diesel trucks, Ford Super Duty Diesel trucks, Ford diesel Excursions, and Ford diesel vans. 5 - 2017 Dodge Cummins 6% to 250% over-stock flow capacity Flow-matched set of 6 All Bosch components Optimized nozzle to body tolerances Over-sized Bosch nozzle used in 45% over-stock and up CORE CHARGE The injectors on the 6. This can cause a poor spray pattern or fuel ‘Dribble’. I've been looking for a cheaper source for adjustment shims for the diesel injectors than $50 for 24 of them. R ef er to sec tion 1. Problems with modern diesel fuel injectors on low emissions engines Summary Since the introduction of emissions compliant diesel engines into the off highway market (Construction and Agricultural sectors in particular) there has been an increase in the number of incidences of premature diesel injector failure. 3. There are two main types of diesel injection used. The setting is carried out via accurate adjustment of the distance between an actuator and a lever element. This is due to worn parts which allow excessive fuel to go through the diesel injector and to return back to the tank or fuel system. injectors are an option. Pulls injectors on Detroit Diesel and Cummins engines Bend and long handle provide extra leverage Scheid Diesel offers a wide variety of Dodge Cummins injectors. The diesel engine, unlike the gasoline engine, injects fuel directly into the cylinder. If bubbling up the threads persists, leave for a day or so then replace. The objective is to adjust all six injectors to the same feel. Like all recipies I recommend reading the instructions from start to finish before starting the project. 3 injector needing rebuild at around 125K, why not add some extra power at the same time. S. Probably the biggest result of injector failure is due to the injectors having excessive return flow or back leakage. Tip: When reinstalling the fuel injector torque to 45 lbs of torque, the injector hold down. How MegaSquirt ® EFI Controllers Work. Refer to section 1. At Thoroughbred Diesel, you can buy stock diesel replacement parts such as injectors, fuel pumps, ball joints, track bars, turbos, and more for your diesel truck. Cummins Diesel N14. Synthetic oil and filter recommendations as well as motorcyle Ford Fordson Major Diesel tractor picture and information, including parts for sale, manuals and history. Older type injectors used a square section O-ring slid over the pintle cap to sit against the steel injector body. Diesel and Gas Fuel Injectors, Pumps, EGR, and More The Bentley book gives a complicated and problematic method for setting the PD injector clearances. The leading community for owners of Cummins, Duramax, Powerstroke, and all diesel engines. injectors pump fuel filters air filters i have a 1997 boxtruck with a 6. 33 pph injectors with 55 psi of fuel at injector pintle are flowing = 28. If you have a source of compressed air, it wouldn™t hurt to blow out the area around each injector to get out any gook that may have built up. 7 litre. Disclaimer: Manufacturers, Names, Numbers, Descriptions and Symbols, Listed Are Used For Reference Purpose Only, And It Is Not Implied That Any Item Listed as being compatible with the products of a given manufacturer Is in any way produced by that manufacturer. J & H Diesel Service, Inc. 470. That in turn can help you cure and stop a smoking diesel engine. Identifying the smoke colours will help you diagnose and cure a smoking diesel engine. I know the injectors would need adjusting because of incorrect placement of the rockers. In other words, there are the same number of injectors as cylinders inside your engine. D-4D Injector Install procedure ® 2011 Diesel Toyz llc Sunday, September 18, 11. 9L Diesel 150Hp Upgrade Scheid Lightning Injector . 2007. 5-2007 Stage 4 (180hp) Extruded honed OE quality nozzles; 60hp up to 250hp, 33% to 123% over; Warranty Note. The information contained here applies only to those engines with STC injectors that are set using the OBC method. its best to rotate the motor using the bolt on the crank damper bolt. Adjust the fuel injector height for the engine models in parentheses by placing the small end of the height gage in the hole provided in the fuel injector body, Setting the injectors for higher pressure is one of the "secrets" of the Elsbett kit, and is why you must remove your injectors and send them to Germany. 2. How MegaSquirt ® EFI Controllers Work68 800-228-9670 studentservices@sb-reb. Use the procedure listed below: 1. Many of the "Reman" injectors for sale are nothing more than a USED injector that has been run on a test bench. Several types of diesel locomotive have been developed, differing mainly in the means by which mechanical power is conveyed to the driving wheels. 011 in. 6L LB7 Duramax Injector Puller Tool Set. 3 IDI/7. darkhorsedieselperformance. Why are there so many different injector timing settings on the 71 series? Not including different size injectors annd S & A differences, I've seen many different settings for 4 valve head 71 series with the same injector in my book. Set of 4 Service Exchange Injectors suit 2. This Duramax injector puller tool is a technician’s must-have for tube assembly removal and o-ring replacement as necessary to ensure a seal is strong enough to outlast heavy engine use. Disconnect starting power for engine. Do not expect these reports to correspond to what you get on MegaSquirt ® unless you are at sea level. For your convenience, please use the product links below to shop our inventory. The diesel engine (also known as a compression-ignition or CI engine), named after Rudolf Diesel, is an internal combustion engine in which ignition of the fuel, which is injected into the MegaManual Index-- The Ideal Gas Law-- Injectors-- REQ_FUEL MegaSquirt Fuel Equation-- Ignition Input Batch, Bank, Sequential Injection and MegaSquirt. wholesaler of diesel nozzle, plunger, head rotor ,fuel injector and pencil nozzle Diesel Parts injectors. I have tried searching for the answer, but didn't run accross something for the correct model. This results in hard or poor starting. I dropped a valve at the diesel nationals in the hotel parking lot a few years ago and haven't had it running since. PD TDi injector settings I seem to have lost our details on setting the PD injector travel up, and my diesel engineer is off ill at the min Does any one know the details on setting the travel up. Sold as a matched set with no core charge. Best sealing results are obtained from freshly annealed (or normalised) copper washers. I told him I was absolutely sure the timing marks were lined up when pump was installed because checked and double checked dots. 3 its predecessor, uses Hydraulic Electronic Unit Diesel Injectors (HEUI), which receive energy to open from engine lube oil that’s pressurized by a gear-driven high-pressure pump. Manufacturer’s reference numbers have only an indicative purpose. Product Description. com Series Detroit Diesel engines. 7 L Dodge Diesel Diagnostics PDF: 2007. setting diesel injectors GM Diesel Top Dead Center (TDC) Offset Relearn 6. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchasesStanadyne Part Number Reference Page Part Description 01578 DB0633-1578 JOHN DEERE 02401 JDB431AL2401 JOHNHypermax Engineering America's leading manufacturer of high performance Ford diesel engine parts and accessories for Ford F-Series and Super Duty trucks Ford Excursions and Ford vans powered by Written by Administrator Wednesday, 29 October 2008 This How To document was designed to assist with rebuilding Diesel IDI injectors. 152 3 cylinder engine as fitted to a Massey Ferguson 35 tractor. Pintle type injectors require steel heatshield washers at the nozzle. ALL SHIMS have the same outside diameter which is 11. MegaManual Index-- The Ideal Gas Law-- Injectors-- REQ_FUEL MegaSquirt Fuel Equation-- Ignition Input Batch, Bank, Sequential Injection and MegaSquirt. Since 1919, Standard Motor Products has engineered a full line of engine management products, including ignition parts, sensors and on-board computers. 6. Beacuse diesel injectors operate at much higher pressure than gasoline injectors, their opening pressure can drop over time. or replace Fuel supply lines blocked/restricted Test all fuel lines -- flush or replace Loose connections, injection lines leak or broken Tighten the connection, eliminate the leak Paraffin deposit in fuel filter Replace filter, use winter fuel Pump-to-engine timing incorrect The newer Duramax injectors are even faster and operate at higher pressures. 2 yr warranty. Alway clean hole and replace copper washer in head. The adjustment is to prevent a piston bottom out inside the injector. When a gas is compressed, its temperature rises. All common rail diesel injectors are not made the same. diesel fuel injector set for mitsubishi delica spacegear 4d56 / 4d56t. new oz. The injector sleeve for these engines screws into the head. This will allow you to combine thick and thin shims to get just the thickness you need. Order your diesel fuel injectors and boost your horsepower on your diesel truck!You can remove an injector in a diesel engine yourself. 012" feeler gauge. Detroit Diesel Injectors, Application:Detroit Diesel Injectors, Find detailed product information for Detroit Diesel Injectors and other products from Kookoo Diesel Power Co. This section describes the basic process of how a fuel injection system works and the role that fuel injectors play in this process. Calibration procedure for Delphi injectors is same as for Bosch. They are capable of 900 RWHP. Perform the following steps to determine if the proper injector setting adjustment resolved the misfiring cylinder condition: ‪ Install the valve rocker cover(s) Start the engine. Here is what makes them the benchmark: The advanced-design, high-pressure fuel injectors in Power Stroke® Diesel engines precisely control the delivery of the fuel into the combustion chamber. 3 Turbo IDI tips. diesel fuel injector set toyota hiace hilux 5l-e 3. We offer remanufactured fuel injectors and injector assemblies for Detroit Diesel Series 60 11. This button will do two things: pump a lot more fuel into the engine, and also retard the timing for easier starting. The turbo´s rack setting governor setting. A diesel fuel injector is a very important component of the diesel car's engine. Each cylinder inside the engine has its own injector that delivers fuel to the corresponding Wrench set Adjust the valves and N3 fuel injector settings as follows: 1. Sp S on S so S red S · November 8, 2012 · What is the CPL because it makes a different on injector setting. Since they are related in time, understanding ignition is the first step toward determining the necessarily correct optimized injection timing. S&S Diesel Motorsport LML Duramax Injector Set (Set of 8) S&S Diesel Motorsports NEW LML Injectors 2011 – 2016 GM Duramax 30% to 200% over-stock flow capacity Flow-matched set of 8 All Bosch components Optimized nozzle to body tolerances Over-sized Bosch nozzle used With almost 30 years of history and expertise, Diesel Levante offers the most complete range for Diesel Injection . TATA Fuel Injection Pump, Pipes & Injectors for Tata Indica, Indigo, Safari, Strome, Manza, Xenon, Nano, Aria, Sumo and Vista in authentic quality and prices online. Service Exchange Injectors Mazda Bravo / Ford Courier WLT 2. We welcome all Ford Truck owners to our site. This leads to confusion with respect to injector flow rate, and people lose sight of how their injectors really work. If engine still runs rough after adjusting the timing (injector height) and injector sync (small screws on rack) Set the injector height lower about 1/2 to 3/4 of turn, making the reading lower. 5Ltr TritonINJECTOR INFORMATION Our Bosch is the world’s leading supplier of diesel fuel injection systems and is standard equipment on many diesel engines today. We carry new and remanufactured fuel injectors and injector assemblies for Detroit Diesel 6V92, 8V92, 12V92, and 16V92 natural and turbocharged aftercooled engines. Injectors deliver fuel to the cylinders of the engine. [meaning 4 valves/cylinder]. Mercedes Injector Nozzle Replacement This is a pictorial that I have been waiting to do for quite some time. Now the fun part– getting the injectors out of the head. For pre-common rail, we still stock a wide range of spares for pumps and injectors. the tool set for replacement of the diesel injector nozzles. We are dedica This section shows how to replace an Injector nozzle. com is a vehicle search engine which offers its users with searching capabilities and access to advertisements from eBay, all in one centralized place. 4 mil. 2 To time an injector properly, the injector follower must be adjusted to a definite height in relation to the injector body. The Bosch name equals quality and is known world-wide as the leader in fuel injection technology. The rockers weren't placed in their original order after the cam, lifters, bearings and bolts were replaced. The spool valve is in the top of the injector and is the number one reason for your truck to have a hard starting issue and a rough idle after startup. Bosch VP 44 diesel pumps are also upgraded with all the latest upgrades required by Bosch. The injectors should be serviced or replaced at regular intervals. Set of eight (8) injectors. Most engines also come with different ratings, which are typically related to the injection pump characteristics. At a fraction of the cost of new or even refurbished fuel injectors, our fuel injector cleaning service is available to the automotive, motorcycle, marine and other related industries. Use special diesel engine fuel cleaner by disconnecting the fuel line to the tank and running the engine straight from a little container with the fuel return line pouring it in to this container. 008 and the exhaust valves at . 9L Cummins 2004. We offer stock and performance injectors from Bosch and Scheid Diesel. 00+ a gallon, you could pay for this tester in a couple months! Diesel Injectors and Pumps. Once all injectors have been installed, install the valve cover assembly and tighten all 10mm bolts •Install injector boots into their holes, then hand-tighten all injector lines to their injectors. Turbocharger Turbocharger Failure Diagnosis Loss of power, excess smoke, high fuel consumption, overheating, high exhaust temperatures and oil leakages from the turbocharger are all symptoms that could indicate turbochargerBuy Ford Powerstroke Diesel 7. SubmarineBoat. Some soot is normal in a diesel's tailpipe, but if you're getting excessive black smoke that's coating your bumper you are probably overfueled. Reviews for The VW TDI Injector Set When you call us, you talk to a real person who's changed out the injection pump on a Rabbit Diesel, This set of LB7 performance injectors is a high-quality re-manufactured kit for your engine. Before changing the nozzles, a fuel system purge should be done. The injection pump contains a governor which contols the amount of fuel delivered to the injectors. Working with diesel injectors we see the result of poor fuel quality - damage and condition of the internal components. Jeff Chojnacki has a great program for figuring all this stuff out, it's on my downloads page. Injection timing on these diesels rarely needs adjustment as long as the timing chain isn't stretched. One opens the injector to let high pressure oil in to fire the injector and the other closes it. You can remove an injector in a diesel engine yourself. A shorted injector can hinder the injector driver operation for additional injectors, unplug all injectors and re-test pulse trigger, if pulse returns, plug the injectors back in one at a time until the pulse fails, replace the shorted injector. com Locomotive Mechanical D M 3 0 A F C EMD 645E3 Diesel Maintenance Manual $ 3 0 8 . Then you turn the screw until it bottoms out and then back of 180deg. 1023 Diesel & Fleet 522 S McKinley St Wasila AK, 99654 Includes Free Return Shipping; Daily Light - This Is your 'stock power' calibration to tame down your injectors to run as close to stock power as possible. An adjusting apparatus and method for automatic setting of injectors are disclosed. DIY: Setting the Valve Lash. This is a diesel, so there™s going to be a lot of soot caked on the end of the injector in the head, so it™s going to take some persuasion. A core deposit of $285 has already been added to the final amount. Ive had the tractor at muncie can the diesel nationals a few years. 6 design (single spring) maybe I would be better off putting the merc nozzles on my AAZ injectors(2 stage). VP44 injection pump problems are going to happen but we are here to help. Hypermax diesel performance parts and diesel performance products are available for Ford Diesel Power Stroke diesel applications and non-Power Stroke diesel Written by Administrator Wednesday, 29 October 2008 This How To document was designed to assist with rebuilding Diesel IDI injectors. There are six injectors located in the engine that will need to be replaced. Trust Bosch for the ultimate diesel performance. net The IDI, TDI, and mTDI source. If you are on number 1 TDC adjust injectors 3,5 and 6, then rotate engine to number 6 TDC and adjust injectors 1,2 and 4. 01/07/2011 · Here’s how I cleaned my diesel injectors. If the engine speed decreases for a given throttle setting, the governor increases the amount of fuel to …Injector Rx offers a reliable and cost effective fuel injector cleaning and flow testing service with guaranteed results. Using new O-rings, install the fuel pressure line(s) and return line(s) to the fuel injector(s). 2005 Volkswagen Passat TDI - fuel injector set-up and cleaning with Lubro Moly diesel purge I use a walbro fuel lift pump. 05 pph. Each cylinder inside the engine has its own injector that delivers fuel to the corresponding cylinder. wholesaler of diesel nozzle, plunger, head rotor ,fuel injector and pencil nozzle Remove the Fuel Injector In this step, you've finally reach the fuel injector. Cummins M11 celect plus engine, hi can someone please explain how to set the injectors, the workshop manual can be interprated in two ways, I think OBS 7. the engine is in a 79 bolens lawn tractor with a cub rearend and custom twin disk clutch. 5LTR (set of 4) Part Number: INJBRAVO Vehicle: Mazda Bravo 2. Snap-on is a trademark, registered in the United States and other countries, of Snap-on Incorporated. The injectors in the 94-97 Ford Powerstroke will increase horsepower from 50-100 hp to the rear wheels with a performance chip. With diesel fuel at $3. Cummins Injectors List These are NEW OEM Cummins Injectors! Don't be fooled by the low-priced Remans available from others. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchasesQ; I drove my diesel car for 2 miles on petrol after I filled it up, then it just died on me. The fuel injection pumps used on diesel engines delivery precisely timed shots of fuel to the fuel injectors. At East Coast Diesel we believe that the best injector you can purchase for your 6. Effects of injection timing, before and after top dead center on the propulsion and power in a diesel engine. You want to have the rocker in the position that compresses the injector piston the most. pdf remove the clevis pin from the fuel rod and the injector DETROIT DIESEL 71 Repeat the valve adjustment and fuel We Have The Best Ssangyong Diesel Injector Set Sale And Is Available Now At Your Favourite Website. 2/6. You don't mention what engine etc you have, but the causes of overfueling including one or more injectors in poor condition, boost leaks, or a pump calibration issue. These injectors will flow 250-400cc's depending on your selection and also come with a larger nozzles. Observe the correct torque of fixings when refitting diesel injectors. Really should fix it. maintain a particular engine rpm at any given throttle setting. OBC (Outer Base Circle) Method for setting valves and injectors when standard PTD injectors are fitted. 6 Duramax injectors at Dieselogic now. A Full Force Diesel custom built performance OEM replacement injector set can give you more power for towing and everyday driving. Will it need to be repaired ?Frequently asked questions including how and where to purchase AMSOIL products and switching from petroleum motor oil to synthetic. 813 mm) feeler gage is used for exhaust valves and a . bar the engine over until 1 of the injectors is all the way down, set the valves on the cylinder. Perform the following steps to recalibrate improper injector setting: ‪ Note: Injector calibration and bar codes may be absent from the load plates on first-run production DDEC III/IV injectors 5235575, 5235580, and 5235550. Detroit Diesel Injector Timing And Specs. Re: how to clean diesel fuel injectors? in reply to 135 Fan, 12-16-2010 01:44:22 Also remember that the hydraulic pumps are turning when you crank it as well. Adjust Injector on Cylinder No. Running twin CP3s or a least a modified injection pump is recommended for ideal performance. 2L NEW… No Core Charge. When setting valve lash clearance or injector height, always set them to the dimension listedinTable12-2. Injector Rx offers a reliable and cost effective fuel injector cleaning and flow testing service with guaranteed results. This motor has been offered since XXXX and was first offered in the Landcruiser 70 series. However this is NOT suitable for Common Rail injectors. KUBOTA DIESEL ENGINES 4 Versatile 4-Cylinder, Injection System Adjustment Function makes the job easier and more precise. Shop with confidence. Choosing the best Powerstroke performance injectors will improve power and fuel mileage. Our fleet starting getting Cat 3116 diesel engines in the mid 1990s and we ended up with 13 in total. With all the information flying around about the quality of replacement nozzles for the Mercedes diesel, I was especially pleased to run across the Italian made Bosio nozzles. We have available spare parts for diesel injection pumps, injectors and unit injector pumps. CR Performance Injector Set . 3mm, the intake valves at . if this Diesel Fuel Injectors Diesel Center November 7th, 2018 - A new or reconditioned diesel fuel injector will be able to accurately measure and Bosch Fuel Injector Ssangyong Musso Injection Pump Nozzle Holder Testing Diesel Fuel Injectors for Peak Performance Fuel November 13th, 2018 - mercedessource Tech help Testing Diesel Fuel S&S Diesel Motorsport 6. Your source for Perkins and Cummins marine diesel engines, parts and servicedieselmann's InDirect Injected Diesel Page 6. They will require a full fuel system, custom tuning, and a studded motor. I set the timing on my injectors without the CAT tool and my 3116 ran without Setting Valves and Injectors on a Cat 3116 Diesel Engine . Ball Ground, GA 30107 678-454-2277 www. Diesel injectors can suffer from the same kinds of ailments as gasoline injectors including varnish deposits, clogging, wear and leakage. Detroit Diesel has updated their service information to expand on the previously published information. Bosch Common Rail Catalogue. Major Components of a Diesel Engine illustrate the location of a camshaft in a large overhead cam diesel engine. With different applications and power requirements there are several injectors to choose from. You can pay a shop to do the job for you but it’s actually fairly easy to DIY. The later type uses a rigid fuel rail to hold the injectors down to the manifold as well as seal to the O-rings. Installing petrol injectors is a largely intuitive process after everything is ensured clean and new O rings have been fitted and smeared with a little grease, petroleum jelly or silicone lubricant. There has been much confusion about setting STC injectors, particularly those CPL's that have reverted to setting injectors using the OBC (Outer Base Circle) method. 0 l. Loosen all valves and injectors so that the engine turns freely while keeping the push rods in place. Run the engine until the diesel cleaner is used up. Designed to operate Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Siemens common rail injectors. Good Luck, RayH We Have The Best Ssangyong Diesel Injector Set Sale And Is Available Now At Your Favourite Website. 5:1, lambda is:InDirect Injected Diesel Page 6. 5 Liter Diesel Engine equipped GM vehicles. After setting the injector on a given cylinder, set the valves on the same cylinder. Your diesel engine will have the same amount of injectors as cylinders. Normally the ignition event closely follows the beginning of the injection event. Note: It is important to adjust the injector first before adjusting the valves on a cylinder when using the OBC overhead set procedure. The simpler version utilizes a diesel injection pump, which both generates fuel pressure and distributes fuel to each injector. All remanufacturing work is carried out in house using the latest diagnostic and setting machinery by our experienced personnel. National Enquiring minds, etc. The diesel fuel is delivered to the combustion chamber by pressure-activated injectors in a highly atomized state. Sealing injectors to the intake manifold usually involves one of two methods. The fuel injector will have a Injector Hold Down, and you will need to use a 8 mm Allen Wrench to remove the bolt. Stock and Performance injectors. FUEL INJECTORS First and foremost, adding larger fuel injectors alone will NOT create extra horsepower! The purchase of larger fuel injectors should only be considered when your engine has exceeded the horsepower capacity of the existing fuel injectors, at which point larger injectors are then required to SUPPORT the additional horsepower. Many thanks. Dynomite Diesel Stage 3 Injector Set 1994-1998 5. 05 pph 52 pph injectors with 55 psi of fuel at injector pintle are flowing = 44. Diesel injection timing must be timed in response to the factors affecting ignition quality and timing. Could you please give me the correct torque setting for the diesel injector end cap on a Mercedes E 280 cdi 2008 . (as you will probably notice on the new injectors) If the injectors are hard to remove, put a nut on top of the injector where the fuel line came off and pry up; they come out easily. Injectors can be purchased from any diesel performance regularly it will prolong the life of diesel injection equipment. This is supposed to give better atomization, and my results show it does, and also that these Monark nozzles are just better for VO. regularly it will prolong the life of diesel injection equipment. You can now buy Bosch Genuine OE Diesel Injectors from the world’s leading supplier of diesel fuel injection systems. 0 diesel injectors as a set! What causes 6. 5-05 LLY New Injectors: Approximately 50 RWHP over stock. This means they must have their nozzles replaced at regular intervals. Fault detection of injector short circuit, injector open circuit, incorrect injector type connected. We are a Birmingham based company and have been in business for over 25 years . Perform Top Dead Center (TDC) Offset Procedure to ensure proper injector pump timing. Injectors for the Detroit Diesel 353 natural engine are found on this page. Then there is the issue with the 3 point lift. Just because these are labeled as a Stage 3 doesn't mean they can't produce MASSIVE horsepower out of your Cummins. 07-10 Dodge 6. I know that if a good quality diesel and an solution is used regularly it will prolong the life of diesel injection equipment. How to Test Fuel Injectors. diesel engine, except that a . That is, unlike a carburetted petrol engine where the throttle directly alters the quantity of air/fuel mixture drawn into the cylinders, in a diesel the throttle merely adjusts the 'rpm setpoint' of the engine. Small droplets ensure that all the fuel has a chance to vaporize and participate in the combustion process. These are the best diesel injectors - flow bench tested for unified fuel flow and performance in every matched set of injectors! Diesel Fuel Injectors from Unlimited Diesel Performance and Industrial Injection. A new or reconditioned diesel fuel injector will be able to accurately measure and monitor the flow of fuel to the vehicle's engine. You can idle any diesel with a high pressure pump and alternately crack the injector lines and listen for the "miss" . It is set by the adjusting screw on top of injector. Description. Check idle speed setting and injection pump timing, as well as cold timing advance--timing should advance at least 2 degrees with 12 volts applied to the rear solenoid terminal. Just wonderin what my stock settings are. 2 f or on e- piece, Additional aspects are critical to ensure proper fuel injection system performance including: Fuel atomization—ensuring that fuel atomizes into very small fuel particles is a primary design objective for diesel fuel injection systems. 03-04 90hp Dodge CR Performance Injector Set . Whether you tow or Hot Rod your truck, DDP Injectors are the answer to reliable power. 0L Injector Failure? Besides design issues, the #1 cause of 6. Diesel Fuel Injectors, Fuel Injection Pumps, EGR Coolers, Diesel Specialty Tools, High Pressure Oil Pumps, and more. This motor was never offered in the U. DARKHORSE DIESEL PERFORMANCE 101 Northgate Industrial Dr. When using injectors in this size range, you should have a lift pump setup on your truck. Enough fuel to support 420 RWHP. LunnysAuto. I have a hyd. mercedes cdi facts. The plunger pump used is usually driven by a shared camshaft. Being at the right place at the right time makes all the difference !A diesel locomotive is a type of railway locomotive in which the prime mover is a diesel engine. 485-600+hp is obtainable with the right supporting modifications . Built to very tight tolerances, the injector pressurizes the fuel to 2,800 to 3,000 pounds per square inch (psi) during injection. Improve fuel mileage with NEW Injectors. Sunday December 02, 2007 00:09 I will assume that the head is a 4 valve head. These injectors are manufactured with different horsepower gains, depending on other aftermarket products installed on your Cummins. 5 did, the Stanadyne DB2. Make or purchase a drip tube to check the timing, and then eliminate the other issues one by one. 5 detroit diesel i. 95 each injector. An item that has been used previously. injector lobe travel on Cylinder No. diesel fuel injection repair In early 1891, Herbert Akroyd Stuart invented the first internal combustion engine to use a pressurized fuel injection system. 2 valve and injector settings help!' (3930) was added to the Detroit forum on Diesel Talk. R emove the engine va lve r ock er cov er as ou tline d. 3525. Diesel Injector Options and Part Costs. Our service exchange injectors have been rebuilt and recalibrated to factory specifications by factory trained technicians using genuine parts at Denco Diesel and Turbo. This will ensure smooth running and overall performance improvements to the diesel vehicle. Just for fun the next time you set injector timing(the little gauge you set in the little hole in the injector. I've read it hear before and believe every bit of it "there are diesel mechanics and detroit diesel mechanics" seek the latter when it comes to setting the racks . After time and use, these spool valves will start to weaken. If you rest a used shield on an injector you will see it is making contact around the circumference of the shield. The philosophy of our Company is based on the reliability, professionalism, expertise and price/quality ratio. (DD's use unit injectors and they are shorted out by removing valve cover and depressing spring cage with large scewdriver . Huge selection of replacement parts for any diesel engine. Rudolf Diesel patented his first compression ignition Diesel Tuning Boxes from DTUK Performance. Use the cold start button (the little button poking out where the kill lever appears to pivot on). 3 1994-2003 TS Performance 6 Position Chip WITH KNOB 140+ HP: Replacement Parts - Amazon. 7 L Dodge Diesel Diagnostics In order to do proper diagnostics you will need a scan tool and some special tools available from Miller Special Tools . Regards Geoff. Secure shopping! Fuel Injector Replacement Service What is a fuel injector and how does it work? A fuel injector is a fuel metering device that sprays atomized droplets of fuel in a specific pattern into the engine’s intake manifold or directly into the combustion chamber. BOSCH VE Mechanical Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Adjustments & Components - FAQ/Tech Tips/Please Read First - VWDiesel. Refer to the General Specifications at the front of thePowerdrive - Your supplier for VW Diesel Injectors in Portsmouth, Hampshire, Dorset, Berkshire, Sussex. Diesel Injector Extractor Tool Set. 5 detroit diesel i am only getting 3 to 4 mil to the gal i have replace the injectors pump fuel filters air filters … Before setting to work diagnosing fuel injector problems, it helps to understand what fuel injectors are. Industrial Injection Diesel Performance has been leading the diesel industry for over 30 years. , offers the following information regarding the N3 injector tube installation for 60 Series Detroit Diesel engines. Adjust Valves on Cylinder No. Injector cleaning is a job that doesn’t get done as often as it should (at least every 100,000 miles, maybe more often). If you have any questions please call us at 1-800-669-1934. Hold the adjusting screw and torque the locknut to 54 ft lbs on New Big Cam IV and 88 Big Cam IV's and to 50 ft lbs on N14 models. Run the engine at 1000 r/min. Faulty injectors; The greatest cause of injector failure is due to the injectors having worn needles and nozzles or a build up of carbon. B. 5 or three-piece rocker cover. oil heater on my skid steer in addition to the block heater. 3 for two-piece rocker cover, and refer to section 1. 7L, and 14L engines. We provide solutions for all diesel vehicles including diesel injectors, turbos and fuel pumps. (4) injector extractor, sleeve design, with shells. From performance remapping to economy tuning we offer a …Lambda is the ratio of a given AFR (air/fuel ratio) to the stoichiometric AFR for that fuel. 2 for one-piece, refer to section 1. This manual is intended to serve as an overall guide to perform 8. There is just one additional function in “ECU Programming/Coding” menu, the "CRDi injectors calibration – Erase" function, that is used to erase current injectors calibration data. Codes in the computer were p1214, o0216 " could not set timing, possible base timing, crank senosor or injector pump failure. Set the injector and valves on cylinder #1 or #6 as required. I got a new set of injectors with merc 300d nozzles that are set to 155 bar. Add your vehicle’s year, make, model & search for compatible diesel parts. The engine efficiencies, every its efficiencies defined by Ganesan (1999). The method is to use a dial indicator mounted onto the rocker, then rotate the engine until the full depth of the stroke is reached. Here are some instructions found on a ford diesel website, from 85-93, the ford diesels used the same injection pump as the 6. 16/12/2014 · PD Injectors adjustment screw setting TDI Power EnhancementsWhat is the procedure to set the valves and injectors and jake on 60 series 12. Effect of injection pressure on diesel engine performance Diesel engine has gained the name and fame in serving the society in many ways. Features: New Injectors Sold as a Set 1-Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty 1-2 MPG Increase Common on 50HP Nozzles Here are some instructions found on a ford diesel website, from 85-93, the ford diesels used the same injection pump as the 6. setting diesel injectorsHypermax Engineering is America's leading OEM for diesel engine performance parts and diesel engine performance accessories for Ford F-Series diesel trucks, Ford Super Duty Diesel trucks, Ford diesel Excursions, and Ford diesel vans. Stop engine rotation and note which cylinder this is, and follow the sequence listed in Table 1 to correctly set injector and valves. Unit injector (UI) is an integrated direct fuel injection system for diesel engines, combining the injector nozzle and the injection pump in a single component. DETROIT DIESEL 71 (Vehicle) FUEL INJECTOR TIMING 14. Dr. 7 motor - Answered by a verified TechnicianHypermax Engineering is America's leading OEM for diesel engine performance parts and diesel engine performance accessories for Ford F-Series diesel trucks, Ford Super Duty Diesel trucks, Ford diesel Excursions, and Ford diesel vans. This is one method used to set the valve lash on duramax engines. Welcome to Gap Diesel Solutions. Worn out injector tips can lead to all of the above plus lots of $$ going out your exhaust pipe. 5-’05 Chevy GM Duramax 6. If you can truly ADD up the hp, I'm at a theoretical setting of 110hp (80hp injectors + SW1) and LOVE it. For removal of diesel injectors. Showing a crude but effective method for setting the cracking pressure on diesel engine injectors. Plug & play hybrid petrol car tuning box chip help improve your Torque and BHP by upto 40% & better fuel economyDetroit Diesel Calibration Tool (DDCT): • View and edit the control parameters in the ECM to optimize the control logic; • View instrumentation variables, such as rpm or fluid temperatures and pressures;Perkins marine diesel engine specialists for over 30 years. (0. Diesel additives On Oct 25, 2009, a question titled 'detroit 8. 2 To time an injector properly, the injector follower must be adjusted to a definite height in relation to the injector body. They pair well with a S369 or bigger charger. The fuel injectors in your vehicle are designed to spray fuel into the cylinders of your engine where it is combined with air and compressed before being ignited by the spark plug to produce power. pdf diesel injection systems as original equipment worldwide. Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P1214 stored in memory after replacement ECC was installed or fuel injector pump has been replaced. IMHO you need to at least get a Haynes manual and then start your troubleshooting tasks. Bosch Diesel fuel injectors have made a name for themselves in diesel engine industry through the constant setting and outperforming of value models for the technology they help supply. 1987 300SDL OK, no big problem here, but a speculation. The first version that started in the 1970’s was a single stage injector that injected indirectly, hence known as IDI or Indirect Diesel Injection. The "Stage 1" upgrades your injectors to PD130/150 spec. With the average 7. 7L Cummins Turbo Diesel Injector . This exposes it to heat and pressure, which might, overtime, damage the fuel injector or decrease its productivity. It raises the cetane rating and helps get the goo out of the injectors. Remove the engine valve rocker cover as outlined. Both the intake and exhaust valves are closed when both rocker levers are loose. com How to adjust the fuel injectors for a Caterpillar 3116 diesel engine with mechanical injectors. Largest inventory of Ford Power Stroke Diesel engines. 5. 12. CPLs 821,833,903,904,& 806 are Injector Dynamics Often times the term fuel pressure is used with little understanding of what it really means. This item may be a floor model or store return that has been used. To determine if an improper injector calibration setting is causing the cylinder to misfire, perform the following steps. 09/05/2006 · The Boating Forum - Which Detroit Diesel? - Doing some boat shopping lately, and have been twisting my brain in knots trying to figure out whichBuy Racor Polisher Diesel 10m 12v/24v P510mam: Fuel & Water Separators - Amazon. 0 have two spool valves on top of the injector. Diesel Injectors are available at Thoroughbred Diesel. 0L injector failure is poor maintenance! The injector should then be tested on a pop tester. This is for the 390 or 395 engines. 3 Powerstroke Stage 1 Performance Injectors These Injectors increase the performance and horsepower of your powerstroke diesel. Diesel fuel injectors in Volkswagen and Audi engines fall into four categories. 5LTR WLT INJECTOR INFORMATION Get $285 back when you return your cores for refund* Our service exchange injectors have been rebuilt and recalibrated to factory specfications by factory trained te Turbo Diesel Register. Any good diesel shop will have this machine. I have had the end cap off as to remove the nozzle to clean it with carb cleaner I don’t want to over tighten the cap as I have heard reports of them splitting. 0 Powerstroke engine, like the 7. Detroit Diesel® 53, 60, 71 and 92 Series Service Tools. The timing and volume of the fuel controls the torque and horsepower characteristics of the engine. Detroit Diesel Troubleshooting Diagrams. AP Autodiagnostics is a company using the latest and best equiptment to allow us to provide the very best in service for your vehicle, specialising in the diagnostic sector of the motor trade giving us the benifit of concentrating our efforts in becoming the best diagnostic service provider in our area, using AUTOLOGIC, dealer level,ASNU, AUTODIAGNOS, DELPHI, PICHLER HYDRAULIC INJECTOR PULLER This is the current generation inline 6 cylinder diesel motor found in the Lancruiser 78 and 100 series. Each lobe has a follower as shown on Figure 10. Beginning in 2004, these engines started using a N3 injector which required a different housing than previous injectors. Diesel injectors operate at very high pressures, up to 1800 bar (26,000psi) is common, and this helps keep them clean, but it also means that, in time, they wear out. As the injectors are retightened you will feel the shields re deform, as they seal. Our experience is that when one injector fails, the rest are not far behind. Restore your ride to full function with the OEM-grade quality assurance and standard-setting performance offered by Standard\'s OE replacement diesel fuel heating elements. 7 Cummins NEW Injector Set (Set of 6) 2007. No warranty available on this product unless there is documented proof nozzles were installed by a reputable fuel shop with proper common rail injection test benches and flow matched. Max. These use relatively simple injectors, since most of the fuel management occurs at the injection …. And if these injectors are the 1. 3L Powerstroke Engine. Check the valve rocker levers on cylinder #1 to see if both valves are closed. Our most popular selling injector set due to it's mix of excellent fuel economy, added performance, & minimal increase in smoke output. Once we receive core within 45 days your credit for the old core will be return Dtis diesel injectors and turbos reserves the right to inspect all cores for damage prior to credit being issued and also reserves the right to reject all damaged cores. Dynomite Diesel 90 HP injectors have been used on trucks making 700 horsepower on fuel only, and are the largest injectors recommended for use with a stock injection pump and turbo. It was a blast. This injector is the only injector that has a New Spool Valve. Stage 2 is similar level of upgrade to "POWERPLUS" and then Stage 3 is RACE injectors (BIG BIG BIG) No idea what Stage 2 and 3 will do, the first ones are arriving next week. Notice that the OBC method requires new valve settings for the New Big Cam IV and the 88 Big Cam IV engines. Pressure setting is 2900 PSI